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Double Glazing Repair Services Since 1983

About DG Servicing

Company overview

DG Servicing is a double glazing repair company founded in 1983 by the partnership of Peter Guiver and Susan Guiver, later joined by their children Clare Smith, Shane Guiver and Bradly Guiver. It is a family run business undertaking the specialist repair of uPVC windows and doors. All guarantees are insurance backed, giving our customers peace of mind.

Having years of experience in the business they began building up stocks of spare parts, especially unusual and commercial parts, which then lead to DG Servicing forming a group called The DG Group whereby a sister company was formed, DG Supplyline Ltd who specialise in spare parts for all types of windows, doors and locks. They have stockpiled discontinued locks and parts while actively seeking out compatible replacement parts for widely used obsolete stock.

The DG Group cover all aspects of the windows and doors industry, keeping in touch with existing systems whilst endeavouring to be the first with new products and techniques. Keeping all of their customers at the very forefront of the business.

DG Servicing is going stronger than ever and in 2013 celebrated their 30th Anniversary within the double glazing industry.