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uPVC Frame Foil Repairs

Refresh the appearance of double glazing frames with uPVC foil coating

UPVC frame foil is a quick and easy way of changing the appearance of double glazing using the existing frames that are already fitted to the windows. Save a fortune on the cost of replacing uPVC window frames by using uPVC window foil.

If you have moved into a new property that is double glazed, and you don't like the appearance of the frames you could just replace them altogether. This can be a disruptive process as well as an unnecessary expense for the homeowner. A more sustainable way of maintaining your windows is to apply vinyl foil to the uPVC frames.

Vinyl window frame foil comes in many patterns and textures to suit the character of your property. Transform the look of a plain white frame with a woodgrain effect. Even granular uPVC frames can be converted with a non-textured grey coloured foil to give your property a contemporary appearance. Simply find a style, colour or pattern that is more to your choosing and give your property instant curb appeal!

Repairing peeling uPVC windows

The external parts of uPVC window frames are continuously exposed to the elements, which eventually causes weathering. Over a long period of time window foil can start to shrink causing the foil to bubble and peel. If left untreated the foil will eventually blister and start to split, no longer resembling its pristine appearance. Fortunately our team of DG Servicing fitters can restore damaged window foil back to it original state.

double glazing before foil repair
BEFORE foil repair
double glazing after foil repair
AFTER foil repair

What is involved fitting uPVC window foil?

First of all the window frames are inspected to make sure they are in a good state of repair. Once we are satisfied that your frames are suitable to be foiled, our expert fitters can get to work. It doesn't take long, they can usually transform all of the windows of a typical 3 bed house in as little a day. The end result is a flawless finish that will transform your window frames, with added protection against bad weather. Also foil wrapped uPVC windows aren't as expensive as you might think. Depending on the quantity of uPVC frame that needs re-foiling, the price can be as little as a tenth of the cost of replacement double glazed frames.

Frame foil features

  • Window frame foil protects UPVC frames
  • Give your windows a contemporary look
  • Improve the appearance of your property
  • Resistant: vinyl inhibits mould growth
  • Cleanable: wash with household detergent
  • Save money on the cost of replacements

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