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DG Servicing is a company that can carry out window repairs for your property, whether it is your home or business. One particular field where we are specialist window repairers is for tilt and turn window repairs. We have nearly 40 years experience repairing all types of windows for homes and businesses throughout Essex and London. We have established connections within the double glazing industry, with access to many obsolete window hardware parts, especially tilt and turn parts.

Window Repair Services

  • Tilt and turn window repairs
  • Repair or replace friction stays
  • Replace restrictor stays
  • Replace non-locking window handles to locking ones
  • Supply Espag window handle bars
  • Supply new keys for your locking window handles

Questions and Answers

Why doesn't my window open or close properly?

Possibly the friction stays have become worn or have broken. The friction stay-hinges are located either side of the actual window.

How do I restrict my window from fully opening?

We would recommend fitting a restrictor stay that allows the window to only open to a required opening distance. As a fire safety precaution the restrictor stay can be overridden at any time.

My window handle turns but the window will not open — can it be fixed?

This is the mechanism inside the window called an 'Espag lock' that has broken and needs to be replaced.

I can't find a company in the London area that can repair my tilt and turn windows — do you only cover the Essex area?

Yes, we are able to carry out tilt and turn window repairs in London. Most of our tilt & turn repairs are in the Essex area, but we are easily able to carry out repairs in areas surrounding the M25.