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Sun Paradise Repairs

Are you looking for specialist repairs?

DG Servicing is a specialist partner of SUN PARADISE contemporary folding doors, conservatories and sliding walls.

DG Servicing are authorised to carry out repair work to all SUN PARADISE bespoke aluminium glazing products that have been fitted in the South East area. Here is a list of the product range.

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Sliding Walls

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Unhindered access for air, light and people. Sliding systems combine large scale glazed panels with generous opening options. Multi-track systems allow the glass front to be opened to considerable extent. As the glazed panels remain on the track they don't occupy any inside or outside space. Flat thresholds and slim profiles deliver functionality and aesthetics.


Folding Glazed Panels

Folding doors are designed to keep the weather out when closed and allow you to get the most from summer days when left opened. Stringent testing at renowned European test centres prove the abilities of this technologically advanced product. With endless configurations possible and flush thresholds achievable, this versatile system offers unlimited design solutions coupled with the reassurance of superior quality engineering.

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Windows & Doors

The Supertherm80 range of complimentary glazing systems includes windows, fixed glazing and silicone jointed units. These can be combined and tailor made to your specific requirements. Casements feature inward opening tilt and/or turn mechanisms which allow secure locking in the vent position and easy cleaning. This glazing range is constructed and tested to the same standard as all Supertherm80 products.

Supertherm80 Parallel Slide and Tilt (PST) is a sliding door system which closes flush but also has the facility to tilt inwards for secure ventilation. PST is available in 2, 3 or 4 panel configurations sliding either left or right and features a weathered step threshold (approx 80mm) as standard.

Glass Rooms

Sunroom wintergardens creates a real usable living space that will be the envy of your neighbours! A glass room has a frameless appearance allows you to make the most of your garden and enjoy versatile al-fresco living space. Perfect for dining or entertaining on summer evenings.

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For further information about SunParadise please get in touch with DG Servicing.